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Bermanian Heraldry

While formal coats-of-arms have been known in Bermania since the 1200s (we do read the newspapers you know), heraldry did not take hold of the popular fancy until the 19th century.  Previous to this, only the King and other nobles charged with representing the King to foreign heads of state found it necessary to display shields of arms.  From the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment the primary form of symbolic identification among the nobility consisted of traditional plywood lawn ornaments.
As in the rest of Europe, the King is considered the font of all honors in Bermania.   It is indeed considered a very great honor to be granted a coat of arms in Bermania, and this usually only accompanies an elevation to the peerage.  The King is traditionally  head of the Collage of Heralds, ex officio.
The many foreign sovereigns and nobles holding Bermanian grants of arms, and often Bermanian citizenship, derives not from His Majesty's title as King of Bermania, but from his status as Terra Orbis Nostris Imperator acquired in 1544.

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Alanus I, King of Bermania


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David I, Grand Duke of New Jersey
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Angela, Queen of the Two Sicilies

Ittt, Queen of Itt
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Patricia, Countess of Polonia
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Vitold, Grand Duke of Warsaw
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Procopius II, Queen of Egypt
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William, King of Navarre
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Marko, Grand Duke of Kiev
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Salard I, King of Zambia
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David I, King of Antarctica
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David, Bishop of Cracow
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Caroline, Princess of Russia
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Linda, Countess of Ulster
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Helen, Princess of Wales
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David, Khan of the Crimea

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Sir Anthony Robinson Gee of the Loud Smile, KKB
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Robert, Count of Litchfield
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Michelle, Countess of Westchester

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Dame Catherine of the Together Act, Prime Minister, KKB
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Susan, Marquise of Bratislava
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Samuel, Duke of Norfolk, Count of Calais and Tripoli
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Sir Joseph of the Impatient Spirit, KNW, Minister of Darkness, Privy Councillor for War

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Dianna, Empress of Persia, Queen of Armenia and Mechinka, Apostolic Queen of Hungary

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Christine, Princess of Mechinka

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Frederick, King of the Belgians, Arch-Moneyer of Bermania, Grand Master of the Knights of Christmas
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Stephen, Emperor of Mars*
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Neil, Emperor of Venus*

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Theodore, Graf von Talladega
berwebarmsbir2.gif (25168 bytes)

Sir Mark of the Joyful Countenance, KNW

berwebarmslouise2.gif (19731 bytes)
Louise Perigryne I, Countess of Sienna
berwebarmspaul2.gif (18751 bytes)
Paul I, Duke of North California, Protector of the Bay
berwebarmsbarb2.gif (25712 bytes)
Barbara, Queen of Bermania, Countess of Ulster-in-America
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Tracy, Lady-in-Waiting of Ulster-in-America
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Donald and Alexa, Lord and Lady of Man
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Robert, Baron of Greenfield
berwebarmschuck2.gif (17721 bytes)
Lord Charles Furnace of the Treehouse
berwebarmsforza2.gif (12036 bytes)
Lady Catherine Flameweaver of the Treehouse

Phyllis, Baroness of Greenfield

Sir Perry of the Bombastic Utterance, Knight of the New World

Craig of the Island Long and the Bear White, Lord of Four Pines

Lady Ashni Windrider, Chaoarch of Allegory

Sarah Nameseeker, Baroness of Northampton, K.K.B.

Louis II, King-emeritus of Bermania

Janet, Queen Mother of Bermania

Lord High Admiral Charles Emerson Chapman

Lord Brian Gil-O-Man, of the Foxes Most Black, All Named Jack

Patrick, Baron of Brushwood

Robert, Viscount of Ventadour, KKB

Camden, Duchess of New Hampshire

Barry, Prince Consort of Itt

Diann, Baroness of Middlefield

John Kemp III, Grand Minister of the Cotton Republic

Paul, Emperor of Austria,
Baron of Fairfield

Terrence, Archduke of Shamrock

Eric, Grand Count of New Amsterdam

Hon. Darrin Suprina,
Royal Foodtaster

Hon. Jamie Suprina,
Royal Foodtaster

Meaghan Faun Suprina,

Sir. Robert of the Strong Tower,

Bloodsong, Queen of Mercia

Viscountess of Southfork

Lord of the Refuge
of St. Giles

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