A nation is defined by its people. This website was created to better acquaint the English-speaking world with our Kingdom, and what better way than by meeting its citizens. The portraits below depict many Bermanians-in-exile living in North America. The number of Bermanians-in-exile has been growing in number since Stalin's 1945 invasion forced many Bermanians to flee their homeland. Most hold dual citizenship and a large number hold foreign noble titles, granted by His Majesty in his capacity as Orbis Terrae Nostri Imperator, in accordance with the 1544 accord between the Holy Roman and Ottoman Emperors.

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Ittt, Queen of Itt

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Sir Anthony Robinson Gee of the Loud Smile,

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Robert, Count of Litchfield

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Michelle, Countess of Westchester

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Samuel, Duke of Norfolk, Count of Calais and Tripoli


Queen of Naples
and Sicily


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Alexander of Montrose


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Deanne, Empress of Persia, Queen of Mechinka, &c.


berwebchristine.jpg (18714 bytes)
Christine, Princess of Mechinka


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Stephen, Emperor of Mars

berwebvenus.jpg (11436 bytes)

Neil, Emperor of Venus

berwebbir.jpg (3799 bytes)

Sir Mark of the Joyful Countenance

berweblouise2.jpg (2687 bytes)
Louise Perigryne, Countess of Sienna
berwebpaul.jpg (2110 bytes)

Paul, Duke of North California
berwebbrown.jpg (4055 bytes)

David Brown, Royal Chaplain
berwebherald2.jpg (5020 bytes)
Geoffrey, Herald of Bermania
berwebtracy1.jpg (6549 bytes)

Tracy, Lady-in-Waiting of Ulster in America
berweblouis.jpg (3895 bytes)
Louis II, King-Emeritus
berwebjanet.jpg (13237 bytes)

Queen Mother of Bermania
berwebbarrym.jpg (6823 bytes)

Barry, Prince Consort of Itt
berwebmichaelm2.jpg (9095 bytes)

Michael, Prince of Itt
berwebsarahm3.jpg (3064 bytes)

Sarah,Princess of Itt
berwebdon2.jpg (3101 bytes)
Donald Lord of Man
berwebalexa.jpg (9114 bytes)

Alexa, Lady of Man
berwebgreenfield.jpg (7449 bytes)
Robert, Baron of Greenfield
berwebangus.jpg (3366 bytes)

Angus Knox

berwebphoenix.jpg (4393 bytes)

berwebchuck2.jpg (5944 bytes)

Lord Charles Furnace of the Treehouse
berwebcatherine.jpg (3671 bytes)
Lady Catherine Flameweaver of the Treehouse

Royal Food Taster

Baroness of

Lord of Four Pines

Brother Ambrose

Meaghan Suprina,

Ashni Windrider,
Chaoarch of Allegory

Baroness of Northampton, K.K.B.

Royal Food Taster

Lord High Admiral Charles Emerson Chapman

Sir Perry of the Bombastic Utterance, K.N.W. - and family

Lord Brian, of the Foxes Most Black, All Named Jack

Robert, Viscount of
Ventadour, K.K.B

Aemilia Silver of the Island Long

Patrick, Baron of Brushwood

David Myriad

Diann, Baroness of Middlefield,
Royal Webmistress

John W. Kemp III, Grand Minister of the Cotton Republic

Paul, Emperor of Austria, Baron of Fairfield

Terrence, Archduke of Shamrock

Jaison Suprina

Eric, Grand Count of New Amsterdam

Heather Yukon, High Warden of Yosemite Imperial Forest

Sir Robert of the Strong
Tower, Knight-errant

Bloodsong, Queen of Mercia

Kevin, Prince of Mercia

Page of Bermania

Hon. John Burns,
Royal Executioner

Kevin, Lord of the
Refuge of St. Giles

Procurator of Nyack

Douglas & Angelica Nelson

John, King of Arles  

Duke of Missouri

Kenneth, Judge of

Oded Paz

Ursula, Burgravine of Munich

Nicholas Percival, Luminary 

Joseph, Keeper of the Royal Peahen






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