Bermanian Regalia

Bermanians love to be surrounded by pomp and circumstance. OK, sometimes we love our pomp more than our circumstance, but that's life. In any case, these are splendid symbols of that which makes us special We enjoy them, and hope you will too.

The King's Crown

symbol of his role as King of Bermania,
permits the sovereign to be located in a crowd

The Queen's Crown

symbol of her role as Queen of Bermania was constructed of aluminum in the 16th century.

Royal Training Crown

worn by Princes and Princesses of
the blood when infants. Note the
lack of sharp, pointy bit.

The Reichsapfel and Sword of State

The Royal Reichsapfel, similar to a royal orb, is symbolic of the
King's role as Orbis Terrae Nostri Imperator. The Sword of State, Exalibur, was obtained second hand (as is so much regalia these days) in England and is symbolic of the Bermanian King's role as sovereign over the British Empire.

Collar of the Order of Bermania
worn by the king as Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of the Kingdom of Bermania.

Necklet of the Order of Bermania
worn by Knights of the Kingdom of Bermania

Collar of the Order of the New World
worn by the Grand Master of the Knights of the Order of the New World.

Bermanian Herald's Tabard
Worn by heralds when the king is present or when a herald is sent as the king's representative


Spoons of the Royal Foodtasters,
are worn suspended from the neck by heavy chains. Not only are these utilitarian regalia, they let all know of the wearer's culinary carte blanche.

Horn of the High Warden of Yosemite
Worn as a badge of office and to summon aid in protecting Yosemite Imperial Forest.

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