Bermania is a small kingdom located in the East Balkans near the Danube River.  Founded in the days of the Byzantine Empire, it has always been small, is likely to never be anything but small and as far as we are concerned that's just ducky. 

Their Royal Majesties
King Alanus and Queen Barbara

Mokole M'Bembe II,
father of the present Minister of Tourism and Cordiality,
seen here consulting with the Bluebird of Happiness.

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Bermansk Castle on a Pleasant Day

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Visitor friendly Bermania provides many street signs in English.

A Bermanian Reading Cat

This unusual behavior has been widely observed for centuries.
Many have been known to turn down fish or ground beef while immersed in a juicy novel.
While their comprehension has long been questioned, most families have observed that their pets have distinct and consistent literary tastes.
Unlike Bermania's politically savvy (and cynical) horses, it is not believed that any of these cats are capable of human speech.

The SNIPOV1 (Shiny New International Purple Observation Vehicle)

This stylish aeroplane was custom built in the 1930s by Igor Sikorsky for King Joseph the Snazzy Dresser. It was used by His Majesty for his frequent trips between Bermania and Brooklyn.

berwebshipov1.gif (38518 bytes)
Bermania's own satellite the SHIPOV2
(Second Hand Interplanetary Purple Observation Vehicle)

His Excellency Robert, Viscount of Ventadour, Bermanian Ambassador to Canada,
showing off the new Embassy he acquired on Bermania's behalf.

To contact the embassy of the Kingdom of Bermania in America:

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